Heavy Duty Hydraulic Single Side Auto-Cut Thermal Lamination Machine – HE390A

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Venture offers Latest state of the art model with high capacity rolls feeder. With overlap feeding is to ensure the speed offered is up to 8 meters per minute or 16 13x 19″ sheets per minute. It gives you high productivity at affordable price. Advanced features ensure high productivity, ease of operations and high quality outputs.


  • Heavy Duty reinforce fuselage.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Large Hydraulic pressure can be manually pressurized the Film is more smooth and effective and the original color of the print can be restored.
  • Thickened Mirror Steel roller is more compact, Good Thermal Conductivity and easy to clean..
  • Laminating with different thickness BOPP Film, PET Film Single side lamination.
  • Laminating your , Catalogues, Documents, Graph Papers, Indoor Advertise etc.
  • Compact in Size.
  • Automatic Edging is to ensure the space between the sheets are same and Improving the Efficiency.
  • Automatic stop option is to sensing probe at the Paper feed.
  • Over temperature alarm.
  • It will separates the paper automatically.
  • Lower Roller is nonstick and high Temperature Resistant Silicon.


Feeding width – 130 to 390 mm

Feeding length – 110 to 999 mm

Feeding Type – Manual

Anti Curl Function – Yes

Thickness – 80 to 500 GSM

Speed – Up to 8 meters / minute

Auto Overlap Function – Yes

Auto Cut Function – Yes 

Dual Side Laminate – No

Perforation – Yes

Power – 230V 50 Hz, 1600W

Dimensions – 145 * 80 * 138 Cms

Weight – 260 Kgs

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