Heavy Duty Hydraulic Single Side Thermal Lamination Machine – SMH520

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Venture offers Latest state of the art model with high capacity rolls feeder. With table design the speed offered is up to 15 meters per minute or 40 13x 19″ sheets per minute. It gives you high productivity at affordable price. Advanced features ensure high productivity, ease of operations and high quality outputs.


  • Chromed roller with high efficient heating.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Proportional temperature control.
  • Long Conveyor Table for easy Feeding.
  • Laminating with different thickness BOPP Film, PET Film Single side lamination.
  • Laminating your Catalogues, Documents, Graph Papers, Indoor Advertise etc.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Accurate conveyor feeding.
  • Feeding platform is large and moving positioning baffle is easy to use.
  • Compact in Size.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Lower Roller is nonstick and high Temperature Resistant Silicon.
  • Professional Temperature measurement unit for accurate temperature control.


Feeding width – 130 to 520 mm

Feeding length – 110 to 999 mm

Thickness – 80 to 500 GSM

Steel Roller Diameter – 200 mm

Rubber roller diameter – 150mm

Feeding Type – Manual

Anti Curl Function – Yes

Thickness – 80 to 400 GSM

Speed – Up to 15 meters / minute

Trimming function – Yes

Perforating function – Yes 

Lamination – Single Side

Heating Method – Infrared internal heating

Power – 230V 50 Hz, 3900W

Weight – 320 Kgs

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