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Wire Stitcher

Venture offers a table top heavy duty wire stitching machine which is used for binding single and Double Books, Magazines, and thin publicity materials, it can be flat and saddle stitching, Widely used in all kinds of Printing Shop, Digital Graphic, Printing Factory, Easy Operation, High Work Efficiency.


  • German Head can Stitching more stable & Faster.
  • Free Adjust the binding thickness according to the book size.
  • Equipped with foot pedal for easy operation.
  • Flat & Saddle Stitching.


Binding Speed – 0-80 Times/Min

Head – Single Head (German Make) 

Wire Size – 24,25,26

Thickness – 0.2 to 5mm

Power – 220V/50Hz, 180W

Weight – 30 Kgs

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