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Manual 2 In 1 Spiral & Wiro Binding Machine – SW2500A


Venture offers the Combo Binder SW2500A you can bind documents with both 4:1 pitch spiral coil and 3:1 pitch twin loop wire. The SW2500A is the only combination machine of its kind. The unique design of the SW2500A includes a the ability to punch both a 4:1 pitch hole pattern for spiral coil binding and a 3:1 pitch hole pattern for twin loop wire binding up to 1-1/4″/7/16-1-1/4. This gives you the ability to choose the look and feel of your coil bound books and presentations. Four to One pitch coil (4 holes per inch) is the standard pitch of spiral coil used for binding presentations, proposals and books. Normally, you would have to use two different binding machines to do the same tasks as the SW2500A. Now you can choose between these two great binding styles for all your reports and presentations and you can also save space, time and money.

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